Traditions are a huge part of a couple’s wedding day. Whether it be ‘something old, something new, something borrowed or something blue’ or simply the bride wearing a white wedding dress, there is a reason behind everything.

Flower bouquets are a unique addition to any wedding. Many people are under the impression that brides carry a bouquet simply for aesthetic purposes however, there are far more sentimental reasons than just ‘the look’.

Style Guide

We have gathered colours and styles from global trends, textures, décor and themes.


Feeling overwhelmed about planning your wedding? This infographic can help you with every stage of your wedding planning, from setting a budget to getting your nails done.

Engagement Proposal

Is she a laid back type of woman, or the life of the party? A woman’s personality should always be factored into a marriage proposal.


Black is the new black. It’s what the all thr coolest people wear, from Darthvader and Batman to Ninjas and now you. Zirconium is a natural element found in our earth, mostly in Australia and South Africa. Zirconium has a super high resistance to corrosion.

wedding rings

In the midst of all the preparation for your wedding you might put finding a wedding ring at the bottom of your to do list, but it’s something you will be wearing for years to come so it’s important to get it just right.