Valentines day is one we all know and love. It is a celebration for those seeking love, in love and perusing love. It is a day for romantic gestures, gift giving and admiring. However, is it just all chocolates and flowers or is there some history behind the so called ‘day of love’?

Cameo Jewellery

The earliest widespread use of shells for cameo carving was during the Renassiance, in the 15th and 16th centuries. Antique cameos are recognised by their common attributes - a woman's profile carved out of a white shell placed against a coral background. Although this is now the standard design for vintage cameos, it certainly is not the only!

Sydney Jewellery

Buying diamond engagement rings and jewellery in Sydney, Australia


A diamond bracelet is a tangible touch of beauty, when placed on the wrist of a woman it flows with every movement of the arm, adding a fascinating sparkle.

Custom made ring

We can custom design any ring style, for any occasion just like these rings for the Euro 2016 championship.